IUS – Dark Matter Light Collection

When the bottom end is attached at the top, the lamp becomes an appealing illuminated curve.


IUS takes its inspiration from long creatures hanging from a cave wall. It illuminates when curved into a closed loop.

Appealing user-interaction to operate coupled with a minimal aesthetic give IUS its character. A desire to further domesticate LEDs inspired modifications that allow the light to be connected directly to standard power without a transformer. A braided exterior gives the light a warm and friendly quality.



Dark Matter Light Collection


In 2010, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured images of
black spots on the planet’s surface, which are so dark that nothing inside can be seen. Imagining what might lie below the surface of these mysterious holes sparked the ‘Dark Matter’ collection of lights,
in which each lamp was born from a separate hypothesis.



Project Details


Dark Matter Light Collection nominated for Rene Smeets Prijs
(most professional project) for the 2014 Graduation show,
Design Academy Eindhoven