Abide Vessels

  • Unique Piece
  • 2016

These vessels for an ambiguous, imagined ceremony take their cues from the strong symmetry found in religious visual language. They intend to intrigue, urging the beholder to wonder about their story and purpose. The crisp, synthetic material that is in parts oxidised, - appearing aged - raises further ambiguity about where these relics fit in time. The handles force the lid to be lifted in a specific way, making the user perform a ceremonial action. At the same time, the glossy areas give a clue on what to touch, guiding away from the delicate patinated surface.

  • Abide small: 16W x 17D x 48H cm
  • Abide Medium: 25W x 25D x 18H cm
  • Abide tall: 17W x 17D x 41H cm
  • Abide Large: 36W x 45D x 22H cm
Photography: Studio Truly Truly