Non-Linear – Aram Gallery

  • 2019

Rotterdam-based Studio Truly Truly (Kate and Joel Booy), design products, lighting, furniture and textiles. For ‘Non-Linear’ the studio reflects on their creative practice and inspirations, identifying an indirect design process. Here, they present a selection of objects addressing the topic of the future living environment, developed for their recent ‘Das Haus’ presentation for the Cologne International Furniture Fair, as well as a new table spawned from recent experimentations with paint and glass. Also on show is one of the studio’s key industrially produced objects for the lighting company Rakumba. In contrast to this, are a number of objects stemming from a process-driven approach which are hand-crafted by the studio. The objects are presented among a dynamic tumble of panels concieved as a representation of the fluid thoughtpaths and associations of the studio’s creative process. Inspirations and their respective objects are mixed throughout the space, reflecting the way Truly Truly’s ideas cross-pollinate from one project to another and offering a deeper insight into their thinking.

  • Kvadrat Really