Coalesce – Kvadrat Knit!

‘Coalesce’ is a bold interaction of two juxtaposing material forms.

Physical connection to materials is very important to Studio Truly Truly’s work, often beginning with hands-on experimentation and material manipulation. Juxtaposing contrasting materials can be seen in a wide variety of their projects.

In this chair, Truly Truly takes a next step in a progression of projects that explore different effects of physical pressure on upholstery.

By pressing glass onto soft upholstered forms, they seek to reveal the beauty of the compressed textile through the transparent glass. This technique also aims to showcase the contrasting softness of the upholstered form that bulges out. The design showcases and makes the most of what’s possible with a flexible textile that can stretch and expand.

  • Glass
  • Febrik - Gentle 2
Photography: Luke Evans, Benjamin Lund