Suunta Textile

Suunta is a knitted upholstery that offers colourways and tactile textures inspired by the rows of blooms in Dutch flower fields.

The ribbed construction of Suunta – Finnish for ‘direction’– unites single lines of wool and recycled polyester of different hues in a knitted jacquard stitch. This composition creates a lustrous rhythm of intricate chevrons across the surface of the textile.

Suunta also plays with scale and perception. From a distance, its colourful stripes evoke rows of flowers seen from the air. But get closer, and the layers of colour from the different yarns emerge from its rich surface. Furthermore, as the textile seamlessly stretches over volumes, the tone of the knitted ribs hovers around the edges, like a luminescent haze.

The colour scale designed by Studio Truly Truly explores the dynamic and inspiring colour combinations that the natural world presents, offering a playful contrast between bright floral hues, leafy neutrals, and earthy tones.

Studio Truly Truly: “We’re fascinated with how colour behaves and the nuanced way that nature offers and deals with colour. A drab bucket makes the flowers it holds even brighter. From a distance, rows of flowers turn into stripes of a colour made of petals and green leaves.”

The use of recycled polyester in Suunta does not detract from its strong durability. It derives its excellent Martindale rating from the technologically advanced way it is produced: each row is knitted with a single needle with the strongest yarns on the exterior. Consequently, it is suitable for high-traffic applications as well as private homes.

Materials: 35% new wool, 11% nylon, 54% recycled polyester
14 colours

  • Wool
  • Recycled Polyester